Making Girls Laugh and What To Say To Women

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Here's a question we fielded on our private DateMasters Community forums recently on making girls laugh and what to say to women:

Making Girls Laugh and What To Say To Women

One of the most important skills we’ve found to help guys meet and enjoy relationships with high quality women is: making girls laugh.

Making girls laugh is one of the simplest, most enjoyable ways to have fun with women while also finding women who you share chemistry with (Identification).

Here’s a question we fielded on our private DateMasters Community forums recently on what to say to women:

I just don’t know to say! I’ve been wondering what kind of good ways there are to begin a conversation (with a girl)?

Short answer: Make her laugh.

Medium length answer: Wait for her to ask you a question, give a funny answer to make her laugh. Or, you can ask a question that will let her answer and talk.

TL;DR answer:

  1. Take a common response or common question you hear from women you’re meeting.
    Write out 1-5 funny responses to it.
    Test out those responses as you talk to lots of women to see what works best for you.

Be aware – Many times, the same jokes that works for one guy will fall flat for another guy and vice versa. A lot of it is dependent on delivery, timing, language, country, his looks, her interest level and any number of other factors that will vary for each guy and change with each girl he talks to.

If you have responses to common questions/responses to girls that work well for you, or you know you can think of stuff in the moment, then you don’t need to worry about thinking of more ahead of time. Eventually, when you have practiced all of this a whole lot more, it becomes much easier to think of funny responses on the spot.

Then it gets really fun.

It’s almost like improv (highly recommended).

And when you Identify a girl who likes you, who you are interested in, then you’ll often find that you don’t need any pre-planned jokes simply because there is so much chemistry that you two are able to banter and play off of each others jokes.

Examples Of What To Say To Women You’re Meeting Women

When a girl says she is shopping:
“You’re already buying me a present? That’s so nice of you.”

When a girl says she is going home:
“You have a home? What a crazy coincidence. Me too. Wow, we have so much in common…”

When a girl says she isn’t doing anything right now:
“Wow, that’s sooo exciting! So what is one fun thing you can think of doing right now?”

And if you thought those responses were cheesy and lame… you’re probably not. I listed them because I’ve made girls laugh recently using all of those. You’ll have to test out our advice and find what works for you. These aren’t any kind of magic pick-up lines that will make a girl who hates you suddenly start to love you. These are simply ideas to help make everything smoother and more fun whenever both of you are already getting along.

Making Girls Laugh Is The Key To Knowing What To Say To Women

Ideally our responses will make her laugh. If she’s into you and there is chemistry she’ll probably laugh at anything you say that isn’t downright rude or negative.

If you can’t think of something that will make her laugh then keep the conversation light, upbeat and playful.

If she refuses to laugh at ANYTHING you say, that’s okay too.

It might not be your fault – it might just be because she has no sense of humor or that there simply is no chemistry. Not all girls will like us. That’s fine, because we are searching for the ones who do.

Try making her laugh, and whether she does or not, always ask for her number. Remember, you can always move on to a girl who is more fun.

Probably the best way to get specific, effective ideas for answers is to head out, start talking to girls, and reporting back here with what the conversations were (you can either leave a comment below, or send us an email).

If she was laughing, then those answers were probably good. If she wasn’t laughing, then we can chime in with our ideas about what we might have said, and things you can try, which gives you more stuff to experiment with.

Ultimately, your own experience will be the best judge of what kind of humor works best for you, we can only point you in the right direction for making girls laugh.


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